Fall Handprint Tree Craft

Here is another version of a Fall Handprint Tree Craft that I helped my toddler create over the weekend. He started by painting his hand and arm brown (I went back over it to fill in the spots he had missed). This creates the tree trunk. I pressed it to a 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and set it aside to dry.

I found this leaf embellishment in my scrapbook supplies and thought it would make the perfect template for painting leaves on his tree. I put red, orange, green, and yellow paint in a tray and also gave him one of those triangle-shaped make-up sponges. I showed him what to do and then let him do the rest. I wish that his leaves wouldn't have turned so brown- he kept dabbing the different colored paints on the same spot on the sponge. If you wanted to have colorful leaves, place the 4 different colors on different areas of the sponge and then start to dab inside the stencil. At his age, it is all about the experience and not the final outcome with projects like this.

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Jo Shabo said...

Very cute! We will be trying this :)

Καρπαθάκι said...

Very very nice idea!!!

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